Absolute control of all sales and distribution in a market by one firm, due to some barrier to entry of other firms, allowing the firm to sell at a higher price than the socially optimal price. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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monopoly mo‧nop‧o‧ly [məˈnɒpli ǁ məˈnɑː-] noun monopolies PLURALFORM
1. [countable, uncountable] ECONOMICS a situation where a business activity is controlled by only one company or by the government, and other companies do not compete with it:

• The national airline is no longer a monopoly. At least 10 new airlines now compete against it.

monopoly on

• For years, it enjoyed a monopoly on oil exploration and production in Argentina.

• The company has been granted a monopoly over Italian high-speed train lines.

• There remains the threat of monopoly.

comˌmercial moˈnopoly [countable] ECONOMICS
a situation in which one supplier or buyer can control the price of a type of goods or service :

• Between 1770 and 1830, the British East Company had a commercial monopoly over all products coming out of India.

ˌlegal moˈnopoly [countable, uncountable] ECONOMICS
a monopoly allowed by the law of a particular country
ˌnatural moˈnopoly [countable, uncountable] ECONOMICS
an industry where there is only one producer because of the nature of the industry:

• Natural monopoly leads to socially inefficient outcomes: too little output and too high a price.

ˌstate moˈnopoly also ˌpublic moˈnopoly [countable, uncountable] ECONOMICS
a monopoly that is owned and managed by a government:

• For a long time in Europe, broadcasting was a state monopoly, with public service obligations.

• The statutory public monopoly of electricity supply has been ended.

2. have/​hold a monopoly on something if one person, group, or organization has a monopoly on something, they have something that others do not have:

• This bank does not have a monopoly on bad loans.

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   When a single person or organization controls the market for a given product or service.
   ► See also Oligopoly.

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monopoly UK US /məˈnɒpəli/ noun (plural monopolies)
[C or U] ECONOMICS a situation in which one company or person or a government has no competition in the sale of a particular product or service and is able to control its supply and price: business/corporate/government monopolies »

He argues that farm subsidies help keep agricultural land away from corporate monopolies.

a monopoly of sth »

Each firm has a monopoly of goods that tend to be used together.

a monopoly in/on sth »

A decision by the Supreme Court struck down the state's monopoly on radio and television stations.

[C] ECONOMICS a company, person, etc. that is the only one supplying a particular product or service: »

The Justice Department is suing the company because they claim that it used unfair tactics to become a monopoly.

[C] something that is controlled by one person or group and not shared by others: »

The network is a monopoly of the state telephone company.

See also BILATERAL MONOPOLY(Cf. ↑bilateral monopoly), COMMERCIAL MONOPOLY(Cf. ↑commercial monopoly), LEGAL MONOPOLY(Cf. ↑legal monopoly), NATURAL MONOPOLY(Cf. ↑natural monopoly), PUBLIC MONOPOLY(Cf. ↑public monopoly), STATE MONOPOLY(Cf. ↑state monopoly)

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